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So during my trip to see FIATC in Paris, I also went to Disneyland Paris with my friend! We went to the Walt Disney Studios on Saturday and it was great. We also dressed in our Black Parade jackets Rachel gave us.

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We arrived at the opening time and rushed directly to the Aerosmith Rock’n’Rollercoaster. Funny story: while we were waiting in line, music was playing and Adam’s Song by blink-182 came on… you should’ve been there, we screamed in surprise and started singing obnoxiously (while laughing, too) (sorry everyone) (to be honest there weren’t many people) (leave us emos alone). Continue reading

Le Musée des Arts Forains

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During my trip to see FIATC live in Paris, I visited the “Musée des Arts Forains” which is a private museum that holds an extremely large collection of entertainment and fairground art’s objects. We went there on Sunday and had a 2h30 guided visit.

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It was beautiful. Very well decorated with so many details! Notice the arm coming out of the tree holding the candle for example. I found some things kinda creepy, though… Continue reading

My CD collection

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Art as a whole is clearly one of the things I like the most in this world, music being a big part of it. I own a bunch of CDs, many being some I found in a second hand punk store, so they’re not all new but they play perfectly which is good enough for me. I thought I could show you my collection since I hold onto it so dearly

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    Two Door Cinema Club // Tourist History                           Scissor Sisters // Magic Hour

Two Door Cinema Club was actually recommended by an acquaintance of mine. It was in clearance for 5.- and I decided to buy it to see if I liked it. It’s very special and definitely a good record. Scissor Sisters is a family favorite and all their records are amazing. Magic Hour is certainly not their biggest success, but features some great songs- singles like Shady Love, Let’s Have a Kiki and Baby Come Home. I love all their records and when I saw it was on sale- in clearance again, I just took it without hesitation. It’s a great album to dance to. 10/10 would dancing like crazy to this in your bedroom in the middle of the night. Continue reading