Liebster Award

I’ve been incredibly (happily) surprised that someone nominated me for a Liebster Award! SEND LOTS OF LOVE TO KATRINA!

The rules for this tag are the following:

  • Post eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you
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Eleven facts about me!

1. My favorite colors are black and lilac.
2. If I was in an empty room, I’d prefer going to the middle of the opposite side. I don’t know why. It’s just better.
3. I didn’t start liking rock music until I was 13 yrs old
4. I dislike (cough cough hate cough cough) living in the countryside
5. I would love to model
6. I love thunderstorms.
7. I can’t even mentally like a sport, or watch people do sport for extended periods of time so much because it physically tires me and stresses me out. Disgusting.
8. My favorite hair dye color is either cyan or white
9. If I could get anything to eat, It’d be Chicken McNuggets, a McChicken or french fries. Or pancakes. Or churros. Probably my favourite foods ever.
10. My favorite animal is the Maned Wolf.
11. I love makeup so, so, so much.

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June Favorites



I’ve been really enjoying teen movies… yes. I know. I’m sorry.fhcn

TV Series




Bad Girls Club – Falling in Reverse // What I Like About You – 5 Seconds Of Summer // Action Cat – Gerard Way


Counting Stars – One Republic // Prosthetic Head – Green Day // Horseshoes and Handgrenades – Green Day


Ghost Town // DEAD

Video Games


Watch Dogs // Disco Zoo (App) // Pom Gets Wi-Fi



Rebel Wilson // prince-kel (tumblr user)

My instruction manual

I like making things up, and here’s something new; an instruction manual for me. It’s pretty straight-forward.

User Manual Model AK7 – 64B 256MHz

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Books I Want to Read this Summer

Funny thing, but I’m going to set a goal on things I have to read this summer. It’s FANGIRL_CoverDec2012-725x1075funny because I never actually set goals for myself, so this is kind of a first.

1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I’ve heard so much about this. Tumblr loves it, and I’m going to trust ‘em. I did trust them when I started watching Hannibal, Sherlock, Supernatural, Mean Girls, Easy A… Trying out John Green’s books: and I loved all of it! The plot also looks pretty amazing. It’s about fanfiction and first love.


2. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

This is the same author that wrote Fangirl. The two books look amazing and I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for this author. Also the cover looks adorable. This is also a love story, but it also deals with things like racism, domestic and child abuse, bullying and body image.Funny_Story_front


3. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

I also saw this on tumblr, but it was because the author committed suicide. The book’s actually inspired by the author’s depression and hospitalization. It’s got amazing reviews and looks pretty amazing. It also got turned into a movie in 2010.



4. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

This is a dystopian book with a really, really interested plot. So it’s set in this world where everyone “Pretty” via extreme cosmetic surgery when they become 16. So this girl starts some sort of rebellion and whatnot… I don’t want to read the resumes any further because I’m always scared there will be spoilers. Anyways, looks real rad.

That’s my basic wishlist. I’m going to read way more, don’t worry! I’m actually going to try reading some french classic literature on top of all that. What is your must-read for this summer?

School’s out!

So I finally finished my school year. I finished school. Finally! I’m really excited. I’m actually going to keep studying but I know that some of my friends are already going to start working (which is a teeeny-tiny bit scary). I passed all my exams and my parents were really, reaaally cool about it. I mean, it basically started raining gifts from everywhere. How do I have to prove the point? Well I got a new laptop (and a laptop bag!).


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WANTING Purple Hair

Summer is slowly dawning on me… (well it’s already summer, but not the summer break just yet) and I have things to do and to make. Weirdly enough, instead of thinking about those things I’m only wanting purple hair. It’s so stupid but I just really want to try this out during the summer. I’ve researched everything. Side-effects of bleaching, different hair dyes, haircuts, side-effects of dying, side-effects of purple dye, aftercare, maintenance. I’ve also even photoshopped some of my pictures to see what I’d look like with different colors of purple. I’m officially obsessed.

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Panic! At The Disco Concert


So I went to see Panic! At The Disco sometime this year and I didn’t post about it, which is a crime. I know I posted something yesterday but I just wanted to cover it because I’m going through another P!ATD phase (oh… pretty odd is such a wonderful album…please come back ryan ;-;). I did take some pictures using a Samsung Galaxy S4, so the pictures are going to be blurry, but it’s still something! The concert was in Strasbourg, France. The room wasn’t gigantic, so we were relatively close to them. Read More →

My opinion on: Tattoos

Yet another opinion post! After piercings, here comes tattoos. God I hope my mom doesn’t read these. It’s going to be inevitable.

frank iero because he’s always relevant

So I love tattoos, I feel like they are very important and I just find them pretty? People have added marks on their body since forever, it shouldn’t be shocking. People express themselves though tattoos; they’re art, like it or not. Whether it’s religion, family, things you like, memories… it’s to express yourself.

It’s always been something that you either hate or love. I see lots of people who find it horrid, and lots of people who love them. Of course, though, you can like tattoos without wanting some. I don’t think I’ll get any. It’s not something that I am very drawn to, personally, contrary to piercings. (don’t kill me mother). I just don’t think I’d enjoy the pain, and besides that I just don’t like having things permanently.

So again, I love tattoos; I ignore people who dislike them, because you only live once and you shouldn’t scared that other people will criticize you. Then again, piercings and tattoos are both body modification, so they kinda have the same reasons people don’t like ‘em. You should check my post on piercings for more information: I feel like I’m repeating myself here. On the topic of body modification, people dislike tattoos, piercings… but body modification’s also breast implants and circumcision (also hair removal!!), but for some reason, people are okay with that. I think tattoos and piercings have somewhat of a bad reputation, which is sad to say the least.

Do you have any tattoos? Would you want some? 

Animal Crossing; New Leaf

Here’s yet another 3DS game! I love handheld consoles (basically I just love the DS) and all nintendo does is perfect. This game has actually a lot of meaning to me. When I was little, I remember we didn’t play any video games at the beginning. One day we rented the gamecube and some sort of Donkey Kong game with drums. It was amazing! I loved it. We bought a gamecube, and I remember playing Mario Kart with my dad a lot. Good times… I had also heard about this new game: Animal Crossing. It was the first video game I ever wanted! I remember you even needed a special memory card that came with the game and everything; Oh! It was so awesome… Anyway. Back to the point, this is a post about the newest game: New Leaf.

I got it the day it came out (thanks to my wonderful mother) and I played it like mad. In only a month or so of playing, I had around 120 hours on the game which is craaazy!paoapzoz

As you can see in this screenshot, I am dressed like Danger Days Gerard Way. It’s not even surprising.

I’m trying to make a pretty town: projects, cute villagers, hybrids, paths… Talking about villagers, I’ve always wanted a town with only villagers I like, which hasn’t been a huge triumph but I’m getting nearer to success. My city looks like this:



cranston – beau – deirdre


 wolfgang – skye – bonbon


 winnie – poncho – biff

These are my villagers. I adore Wolfgang, Skye, Beau and Deirdre: I’ve never had so many cute villagers in my town! It’s far from perfect but it’s an awesome start. My favorite villager is Apollo, I’m still waiting for him…


I’m praying every day and night…

Otherwise, I just love casually playing this! It’s so relaxing. It looks very nice and the villagers are too cute. I mean…





Do you have this game? Who’s your favorite villager?

Feel – Sleeping With Sirens

I don’t know why, but critics don’t seem to like this album too much from what I’ve read. It’s mostly an “average” album. But I like it a lot. I’m going to review it Ultimate-Guitar style, judging by the Sound, the Lyrics and the Overall Impression.


First of all, a little context. This album came out on the 4th June 2013. It’s a post-hardcore (though I don’t fully agree) album released via Rise Records.

Sound: They aren’t breaking any barriers, that’s the main thing. It is what you’d expect from Sleeping With Sirens, which I find to be a very good band? I’m not one of these girls with a crush on Kellin, at least not yet, so for the moment I kinda judge the band on their sound, I don’t find myself too biased (I did happen to like bands just for the members. Oops!).

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