#tbt @ Venice

So I was going through my pictures and I found ones from when I went to Venice with school. We only went there for a day, but it was amazing. Since we’re going back to Venetia next week, we’ll be visiting Venice and I thought it would be interesting to first make a post about the first time I went there. Maybe I’ll photograph some of the same buildings? Who knows! Now onto the pictures.

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Swiss Fantasy Show

So I went to the annual Swiss Fantasy Show and I had a lot of fun! I met Christopher Judge (and I cried tears of joy). Here are some pictures highlighting the day! I’m sorry for not being active. At all. I’m on holiday and I’ll post much more. Please enjoy the photos for the time being.



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My Opinion on: Gender

I’ve always been very independent when it comes to my views on things. I never found myself influenced by anybody (which is something that I find very sad; when parents force their kids onto their beliefs). As you can tell from the title, this is another opinion post. This is going to be my thoughts on gender. I think that a lot (waaaay too many) people are (very) misinformed about this, or not informed at all.

We live in a (horrible) gender-binary society which sucks a whole lot, because it completely excludes non-binary genders. What is the gender-binary you ask?

The Gender Binary is a social construction of gender in most societies in the world where gender is a dichotomy between male and female. Male and female gender expectations, roles, and functions are generally very rigid and the presence of alternate gender constructions are usually denigrated, ignored, or made oblivious.

Some of you reading this might not even know what non-binary genders are. As you’ve maybe heard, gender identity, gender expression, biological sex and sexual orientation are a spectrum. It’s not binary at all. And if you only knew how hard it is to come out as transgender, how are you going to come out as genderqueer/non-binary if you don’t even exist to other people?

So basically, I think that more people should know about gender. We’re always being taught that growing up you are either a boy or a girl which I find fundamentally very wrong. I’m sick of hearing people saying “oh god, is that a girl or a boy?”. I just really want more representation and more awareness. If you can’t figure out someone’s gender, follow these handy steps:

1. Don’t worry about it.

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If you want an even more simple guide on genderqueer people, please check out this fun powerpoint that is actually a guide for parents, but it gets the main point across. There are a lot of websites/articles about gender. Please educate yourself!


I went to Bern, the political capital of Switzerland. It’s famous for it’s bear pit and for being ranked among the world’s top ten cities for the best quality of life!

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Le Saut Du Doubs

Yesterday, we drove to see the Saut du Doubs. It’s a 27 m waterfall that is located on the border between France and Switzerland.


To get there, we had to take a boat ride and then walk up a 400m slope to get to see the waterfall. It was very impressive to say the least!

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The weather wasn’t so great, it was raining a lot at the beginning but then the sky cleared up and everything was super pretty! It wasn’t very warm either…


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Le Mont d’Or

So I went to the Mont d’Or in France. It’s a mountain that reaches up to 1’463m and it’s amazing. I have to say, we had to walk to get there and everyone knows that sport is not my thing and I had a hard time. There were lots of cows and the sky was very pretty and it’s just something you don’t see everyday. I’ll stop talking and you can just see for yourself.












July Favorites




Yes, I have continued to watch teenage movies.

moviesI did watch a lot of movies.


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Favourite Cars

Yes! My favourite feminine topic! Cars.

I love cars; this is something new. Since watching Supernatural and True Detective and now all these old movies like Back To The Future etc, I just fell in love with old cars. The 60s and the 70s were just amaaaazing-looking. The 80s… not so much… Anyway, these are my top 5 favourite cars! (in no particular order!)

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1970


This is a pure american muscle car. And I don’t know what to say… What’s not to like? It looks amazing and drives amazing- from what I’ve seen.

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Liebster Award

I’ve been incredibly (happily) surprised that someone nominated me for a Liebster Award! SEND LOTS OF LOVE TO KATRINA!

The rules for this tag are the following:

  • Post eleven facts about yourself
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Eleven facts about me!

1. My favorite colors are black and lilac.
2. If I was in an empty room, I’d prefer going to the middle of the opposite side. I don’t know why. It’s just better.
3. I didn’t start liking rock music until I was 13 yrs old
4. I dislike (cough cough hate cough cough) living in the countryside
5. I would love to model
6. I love thunderstorms.
7. I can’t even mentally like a sport, or watch people do sport for extended periods of time so much because it physically tires me and stresses me out. Disgusting.
8. My favorite hair dye color is either cyan or white
9. If I could get anything to eat, It’d be Chicken McNuggets, a McChicken or french fries. Or pancakes. Or churros. Probably my favourite foods ever.
10. My favorite animal is the Maned Wolf.
11. I love makeup so, so, so much.

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June Favorites



I’ve been really enjoying teen movies… yes. I know. I’m sorry.fhcn

TV Series




Bad Girls Club – Falling in Reverse // What I Like About You – 5 Seconds Of Summer // Action Cat – Gerard Way


Counting Stars – One Republic // Prosthetic Head – Green Day // Horseshoes and Handgrenades – Green Day


Ghost Town // DEAD

Video Games


Watch Dogs // Disco Zoo (App) // Pom Gets Wi-Fi



Rebel Wilson // prince-kel (tumblr user)