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September 2016

October 1, 2016


September has been a pretty calm month for our movie watching. I did see some great movies tho (Me before You, the Nice Guys and Drive).

moviess movies


The usual playlist. I have kinda been listening to artists I already knew. The “big” reveal was Lana Del Rey. I’m in DEEP LOVE with Born to Die. Wow even the title is #relatable

This has 10 sad songs out of 17 song playlist which is telling of my mental state ;))))

TV Shows


I GOT BACK INTO TV SERIES! The Catch and White Collar were recommended by my mom and they’re both great! I watched season 1 only for both. I watched Mr. Robot S01 too as Amazon were hosting a poster competition so I checked it out and it’s really mindbending but also so cool to have an accurate portrayal of hacking! Breaking Bad I just started a few days ago as I never finished the last season. I picked up from where I left off (s05 E09) and hope to reach the end soon! It’s a miracle I wasn’t spoiled by the internet by the way.

Video Games


My brother is evil and he has gotten me into playing Pokémon TCGO which is really great. It’s really fun to play once in a while a card game.

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September 20, 2016

This is my second time going to Annecy! I really like this city, it’s pretty small and very cute. I went with my mom and sister to visit, eat and shop (love these three things).

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Creux du Van

September 13, 2016


The Creux du Van is a really big rock cirque (like 1km wide!) across Lake Neuchâtel. It is 725m high up and gives you a great view. Here are some pictures of the trip! Continue Reading…